YOIN certification obtained by Omnisport Apeldoorn and 1931 Conference Center 's-Hertogenbosch

 YOIN excellent meeting places bewijst dat Libéma's Omnisport en 1931 kwalitatieve vergaderlocaties zijn

Libéma is continuously improving the quality and service of all event locations. At three Libéma event locations, extra attention is paid to the business conference and meeting market. Libéma has chosen to have all three business market locations certified by YOIN in order to clearly profile these locations in the industry and among buyers as professional, reliable, and sustainable. In recent months, these processes have been set in motion at Omnisport Apeldoorn and 1931 Conference Center ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

YOIN excellent meeting places is a reliable quality label for conference and event locations, supported by the sector organization CLC-VECTA. YOIN independently assesses locations on quality, expertise, reliability, innovation, and service. The audit’s criteria are in line with, among other things, the building decree, regulations and legislation, and procurement criteria of governments and corporates.

Omnisport Apeldoorn was the first to receive the audit by YOIN and on October 4 this year, the YOIN excellent meeting places label was awarded. Omnisport Apeldoorn is more than a sports accommodation! In addition to a cycling track, top sports hall, and athletics track, various fully equipped meeting and sub rooms are available. This unique location can now call itself YOIN’s excellent meeting place and we are proud of that! Omnisport is increasingly profiling itself as a conference and event location, for which the location has recently been extensively renovated and renovated. Obtaining the YOIN certification confirms and endorses the quality improvement that the location has undergone.

Since 7 October this year, 1931 Conference Center ‘s-Hertogenbosch has also been officially certified with a fantastic final score, which means that, in addition to the YOIN excellent meeting places label, the designation Excellent has also been obtained. The 4 plenary rooms and 24 sub-rooms have their own identity, ranging from authentic to modern. As a result, 1931 Conference Center ‘s-Hertogenbosch always offers the right space; from a practical, short meeting to a multi-day event.

At the beginning of 2023, a start will be made with the certification of EXPO Greater Amsterdam.